Our Startups

These are some of the amazing startups we work with.

An Indistrial IoT/AI startup. It combines non-invasive & maintenance-free sensors [*patent-pending] and data-driven Energy Analytics to enable deeper visibility into production efficiency using equipment health and level energy consumption monitoring.

CodeNinja.ai is an AI & SaaS based ZERO Code Development Platform that reduces Enterprise Software Development & Deployment cycle from months to weeks. Top Fortune 500 corporates are using it to migrate their critical enterprise applications to cloud in weeks rather than months it would normally take. CodeNinja just closed their seed round of investment.

Escrowffrr is a Fintech startup providing online escrow account option to consumers and businesses in real estate sales, online used equipment sales or any large online financial purchase. Closed seed & pre-Series A investment round and now raising Series A.

Minkspay is a B2B Fintech startup enabling Digital transformation of small merchants in Tier 3 and 4 small cities and rural areas to accept payments and online transactions. Leveraging their 5000+ merchant netowrk for last mile customer connect (eCommerce CoD, loans etc.). Recently closed a pre-series A investment round and now going for Series A.

AlphaaDog is India's first Omnichannel distribution company for online and offline brands addressing the disparity and conflict between onlien marketplaces and offline brands. Instead of just providing software or consulting like so many other omnichannel startups, AlphaaDog commits and delivers actual sales. With access to a mix of online, offline and "at home" channels, AlphaaDog is the go to sales partner for new online and/or offline brands.

RetiSense Stridlyzer, a US registered entity, is an IoT Sportstech/ Healthtech startup. Its IoT enabled shoe sole helps understand and improve atheletes' running form and avoid injuries and improve performance. Its customers include top sports medicine & physiotherapy clinics in US. Its now raising it's pre-series A investment round.

Amazon AWS offers spot servers with 80%+ discount but its not possible to manually manage the switch process when AWS takes it back. Insisive Cloud is an automated realtime cloud cost monitoring and optimisation SaaS software that reduces AWS bills by upto 70%. Subscription cost is 25% of net AWS hosting cost saving every month.

ZookEV is building India's first & largest EV Omnichannel sales and distribution network. It has exclusive partnerships with reputed Chinese companies, commitments from fleet operators, strategic partnership for financing and a 2 Wheeler assembly plant coming up. ZookEV is introducing various models of EV's such as electric 2, 3 & 4 wheelers.

GeBe Cert is tackling the global $1.82 Trillion counterfeit losses. It's proprietary technology uses HF compatible encrypted and Blockchain protected microchips which are effectively, securely and discretely incorporated with any physically manufactured product. Verification of authenticity is instantaneous with any smartphone. It targets the alcohol, automotive, medicines, luxury goods and other markets serious about tackling counterfeiters.

Snoopy Networks builds mesh topology based secure 20+ Mbps public wifi networks driven by proprietary patented algorithms and blockchain protected. It's currently in stealth mode.