Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What kind of startups do you work with?

A1: We only work with enterprise tech startups. We only work with select few startups at a time. The startups we would love to work with should have a good market potential in India with also the ability to scale up globally. We do not work with idea stage startups. We focus on early stage pre-revenue startups that have great teams or are addressing a unique market in a disruptive way but need some work in their biz strategy and help to reach out to right connections to scale up their revenues. The final outcome that will drive the selection of a startup is our ability to add value to the startup, its potential to quickly scale up its revenues to a self sustainable stage and attract future investment or get acquired through our influencer network.

Q2: Do you take startups in batches? If yes, When do the batches begin?

A2: No, we do not work or believe in batches. We believe each startup is unique and needs one-to-one focus. We select and start working with startups anytime around the year. So if you are an enterprise tech startup that's unique and disruptive, then let’s talk now.

Q3: How long is your acceleration program? What does it provide?

A3: We will work actively with the startups for 12 months (the term of our agreement). At the beginning of the engagement, we will do a deep dive into the business model and operations of the startup. An initial diagnosis is done using a proprietary Startup Diagnosis Model covering 10 parameters including Team, Value Creation, Products, Marketing, Competition, Go-to-Market strategy etc. Each of the parameters is evaluated and rated seperately to measure the current status of the startup. This unique model helps us draw up a customised engagement plan specific to the startup's strengths, weaknesses, need for mentoring and external experts. We then come up with a detailed plan jointly with the founders on what needs to be done to take the startup to a sustainable revenue stage and ready for Seed or Series A investment. A road map with detailed roles and responsibilities of both founders and Bluebolt is drawn up with a monitoring framework. In the next 12 months we work practically like members of the founding team to achieve these set goals and get to the next level.

Q4: Do you also invest in startups you select for acceleration?

A4: We have an extensive network of investors from US, Europe, China and India who are interested in early stage tech startups. Yes, we invest in each startup we work with through this network of investors at an appropriate milestone in their plan.

Q5: Do you take any equity for acceleration?

A5: Yes, we do take a single digit sweat equity in each startup that choose to work with. No other fees or expenses are charged from the startup.

Q6: What industry or technology segments do you focus on?

A6: We are sector agnostic. However we have preference for deep tech startups. For more details, refer to “About” section above.

Q7: Do you provide office space or other physical infrastructure?

A7: With the explosion of coworking spaces and the rich entrepreneur community, we believe office space is no longer a constraint for startups. We do not provide any office space and related infrastructure support. However we can help our selected startups get space at special rates from leading coworking space providers.

Q8: Do you provide other support like Legal, Accounting, Statutory issues, HR, Recruitment support etc.?

A8: No, we don’t provide this directly. However we do have partners who can provide you these services at special rates.

Q9: Do you work with multiple startups who are working on same concept and addressing same customers?

A9: No, we will not do that as we believe in 100% committing to each of the startups we choose to work with. Also, this would create a conflict of interest for us which we don't want. However, we will accept startups that work on similar technologies to provide different solution to different market segments.

Q10: Where is Bluebolt Accelerator located?

A10: Our founders are based in India (Delhi NCR and Bangalore). However our model which does not provide a physical space, works with each startup on a one-to-one basis allows us to work with startups based anywhere in India.